Who I am and what drives me

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I am a passionate connector of people, ideas, and resources. To me, the most fulfilling thing in the world is making that ideal introduction that brings people who need to know one another together. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and discovering ways to help them out. I like to think of myself as a catalyst for change. 

Whether by hosting "Odd Tuesday Potlucks," "Built In Brews," or CoFounderLab Matchup Meetups, I love bringing people together to communicate and collaborate. Online and off, building community is what drives me. 

It should be no surprise, then, that I was attracted to a career in Community Management. Social Media was made for people like me - creative thinkers who see patterns across the big picture and make connections between seemingly unrelated things. People who just love people, who are kind of nerdy with a great sense of humor, a penchant for the positive, and a desire to help everyone just get along. 

Since 2010, I've worked in a variety of Community Management roles with an emphasis on Social Media and Event Marketing. I helped to launch the tech startup aggregator and community resource Built In Colorado, served as an ambassador for CoFoundersLab, and was a founding member of the Mile High Young Professionals. I've managed over 30 different brand Twitter accounts, developed strategic social media plans and editorial calendars, identified influencers and run blogger outreach for a diverse range of clients and companies.  

I've planned and executed events that run the gamut from executive meetings to meetup tours, activations at the Super Bowl 50 fan experience to the Fashion Tech Forum, and everything in between. Event planning is something I've done since high school, when I first chaired James Madison Memorial's annual "Fine Arts Week." In college, I was on the planning committee for the 2002 NACURH conference hosted at the University of Minnesota. Eventually, I interned at A Touch of Bliss to gain some professional event planning experience, and now it plays into every job I have, most broadly in my current role at Jaunt VR. 

I attended the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities from 2000-2004, and graduated with a B.A. in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature. 

Outside of work, I am a musician, world traveler, and outdoor enthusiast.