A few things I've written

The #1 Quality to Look For when Hiring a Community Manager or Director of Social Media – LinkedIn, 8/20/2014

Posts for Jaunt

Virtual Reality takes flight with Jaunt and Qantas, 1/30/2015

Expanding the world of Cinematic VR, 12/10/2014

Posts for Built in Colorado

As the Director of Community Development for Built In Colorado, it was my responsibility to regularly populate the blog. Many of my posts were news updates and company profiles, but here are a few other posts I wrote on my own, both during the time of working for Built In Colorado and following my tenure there: 

New Year, New Goals: Breaking it Down, Built in Colorado community blog, 1/14/2014

How Startups Benefit From Shared Workspaces, Built in Colorado community blog, 12/19/2013

The Keys To Community Building – Built in Colorado community blog, 12/6/2013 

To read more of my posts on the Built In Colorado blog, head here

Examiner Articles: Denver Wedding Planning Examiner

In 2010, I wrote for the Examiner on wedding planning in the Denver metro area. Here are some highlights: 

Tips on choosing the venue for your wedding, 6/16/2010

How to make the most of a bridal show, 8/19/2010

Inviting out-of-town guests? Don't forget about the altitude, 9/20/2010

The top 5 myths about hiring a wedding planner, debunked, 10/19/2010

A complete library of my wedding planning articles can be found here